Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Statement items can brighten any outfit!

A lot of my friends say that being a mom can leave little time to focus on being stylish.  While this could be true (as the mother to a little one) I've personally found it doesn't have to be.  I think buying staple items such as black heels, a white blouse, a LBD, etc can make being fashionable much easier for someone with a busy lifestyle.  Those items can be paired with statement pieces and can change the entire look of an outfit.

I am such a fan of black clothing because it goes with everything!  If you're short on time grab a simple shirt, sweater, or blouse.  Throw some pants or jeans on, grab some jewelry and a statement bag and you can have a fun, fashionable look that will work for the day or night.

Take this outfit for example.  I wore it today to meet a friend for coffee.  It's a pretty plain outfit, but could also be dressy if paired with some fun heels.  I'm wearing a simple black sweater and black pants, but I added gold jewelry, my favorite coral purse and some leopard flats.  The accessories and shoes make this a stylish, fabulous, and fun outfit that could be worn to many different places.

Old Navy: Seamed Crew-Neck Sweater Really lightweight, great for a nice day outside!
 Lauren Conrad: Straight-Leg Ponte Pants Although these are from last season, they have been a good investment!  I really enjoy wearing them!
Forever 21: Bangles I couldn't find the exact set of bangles I have, but I paid about $5.00 for mine.
Lauren Conrad: Flats Great shoes! Another good investment.  Super stylish and comfortable!!
Big Buddha: Handbag Here is a very similar style, the exact style I have is no longer available on their website.  These are decently priced bags (most are around $90) but definitely a lot less expensive if you can find them on sale. 

I got most of these items a while back but as I looked up the links for this post, I found the items that are still available in stores, are on sale now.  I provided the links for those interested.  My entire outfit cost me around $220, but the items on sale now are the sweater, flats, and the bangles and you can get all three for less than $45.  

If you are tight on money, but really want a nice bag or pair of shoes, save up and go for it! Splurging on a nice purse or pair of shoes from time to time isn't a bad thing.  Paying a little more for good quality items, will be worth your money in the long run. 

Happy Shopping :)