Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Going the Extra Mile

I've found that going the extra mile really pays off.  In church a few weeks ago, the pastor talked about stepping up and going the second mile.  The scripture he used was Matthew 5: 38-42.

Going the second mile is going farther than required.
Going the second mile is giving more than demanded-giving more of ourself and our stuff.
Those are two things I personally feel like I can always do more of.

He also said that when we give more than expected and go the extra mile; it builds character, opens doors for opportunity, and breaks down barriers.

When I give my time, finances, energy, etc I feel I am blessed more than those I am helping.

This was a simple message, but I took away so much from it.  It's always good to go that extra mile to help out others in need.

Happy helping and giving!

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