Friday, April 20, 2012

Power, Power, Power

Today I had my power class and core class at the gym.  I left feeling GREAT.  The power class goes for an hour without stopping, working every muscle group.

It started with a warm up using a bar with however much weight you prefer added.  We warmed up every muscle group, getting ready for the rest of the class.
The first song we alternated doing dead rows and dead lifts, then did squats, and repeated those each three times.  The next song we worked shoulders.  After that we worked out our back, by doing more dead lifts.  One song we did cling and presses.  Another song we worked out our triceps by using the bar, then we did triceps push ups (This one was really hard for me).  During the entire next song, we did biceps (This song seemed longer than all the others for some reason).  We did more squats and lunges next.  Finally the last song consisted of ab exercises only-my favorite!  I love the burning feeling after a great ab workout-it means I worked hard.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a few exercises, but I just wanted to list some of what I could remember.  If anyone is looking for a gym or wanting to join a gym-I would definitely recommend The Rush!  The fitness classes are such a great tool to use in getting fit.  The class I described is Rush Power.  Right after the Power class, I did Rush Core-which was focused on the core (My abs were on fire for a while after this class).

The Rush instructors do a great job on helping people feel comfortable in the classes.  They have every type of class you can think of:  Power, a step class, Zumba, Core, Spin, Yoga, kickboxing-the list goes on and on (those are just the specific classes that I take).

Taking a class is a good thing to do if you aren't exactly sure on what to do as far as exercises, because there are instructors that you follow and they encourage you throughout the entire class, and there are people of every skill level.  The classes go by fast, the songs and instructor keeps you motivated, and excited.

Happy Exercising!!

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